Leather carp 15LBS-4OZ LEATHER CARP

Hi all this is one of the many beautiful carp i had at lavender hall fishery in coventry , this was on staion speciemen pool this is only a baby compaired to some of the 30lbs carp that rule the 2 acre pool


all rigs , hook lenths are made by by self

on this acation i was useing a lead core leader with with a lead clip (brown in coulor for the silt bottom) with a 2oz lead, hook lenth iv got a size swivel , going down to the hook with 15lbs coated braid from esp on to a size 6 ultra sharp hook , iv done an anti-blow back rig with a 15 mm hair and a size 2.6mm hook ring


i had a little think about what to use at lavender hall from my home made baits from, chilli hemp , boiles ,gready pig mix , particales , pop-ups , meat ect ect i give it a go with my robin red 18mm boiles with a little bit of cork dust to help it look like one of the freebies that was out there i baited up my area the size of a small family car with about 40+ boilies to start


25 mins in i had a slow take on my left hand rod so i struck and FISH ON

it felf like a nice and powerfull fish and once again iv caught on my robin red 18mm love this bait 10min late i had her in the net a lovely 15lbs-4oz leather carp in really good condition ,

baited back up and out it went, all in all i had a brilliant day at lavender hall fishery in coventry

at the end of the day i had 11 fish , 4 lost , ill be back soon